My Internships

Thy Technic A.S       08.2013 – 10.2013

Based at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, TURKISH TECHNIC is the leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services company in the region. Certified through EASA 145, JAA 145, FAA and Turkish DGCA for the performance of maintenance services, TURKISH TECHNIC offers a variety of maintenance services through its diversified shops, including airframe heavy maintenance, engine and APU overhaul, LDG overhaul, etc.
As the only one-stop shop in the region and with its wide range of back shops certified for over 4,000 Boeing and 4,000 Airbus aircraft components, TURKISH TECHNIC offers customers A to Z maintenance services from its base at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.
Within its two wide & narrow-body hangars and one VIP & light aircrafts hangar in Istanbul, and one narrow-body hangar in Ankara, TURKISH TECHNIC provides maintenance services to its business partners, airlines, lessors and financial institutions.

Focus on;

  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Production Planning and Control,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Cost Accounting,
  • Applied to Strategic Management,
  • Process Management,
  • Quality Management.

Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH          03.2013 – 04.2013  Cuxhaven / Germany

Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH (CSC) manufactures the yellow BARD deep foundation tripod piles used for offshore wind power plants in a production hall measuring 17,000 square metres. These patented Tripile foundation rigs weigh around 490 tonnes and were specially developed by CSC.
BARD Offshore 1, Germany’s first commercial and currently the most powerful and efficient wind farm on the high seas, was connected to the power grid in September 2013. Its 80 5-megawatt wind turbines achieve a nominal capacity of 400 megawatt, which is equal to the electricity requirements of more than 400,000 households.
BARD Offshore 1 was officially handed over to its owner, Ocean Breeze Energy, at the beginning of 2014. The Emden-based company Offshore Wind Solutions (OWS), a spin-off formed from parts of the BARD Group, is responsible for service and maintenance work on the wind farm.

Focus on ;

  • Wind power strategy construction
  • DIN, ISO, GL Quality Norms application and the Investigation
  • Track delivery and Controls
  • Manufacturing Strategies
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Working before the Work and Project Phases

ÜSTÜN İŞ MAKİNA     08.2012 – 09.2012

After functioning in various branches our machinery production since 1982, our company has directed all its experience to Plastic Recycling Machinery production. Our company offers high quality products with the experienced staff and modern manufaturing machineries.
Plastic wastes can be recycled and turned to reusable raw material by the machines that are produced in our factory which is situated in Istanbul – Esenyurt. Our company; which is one of the rare companies that can produce all machines of plastic recycling lines in its own facility, keeps development and research activities for more innovative and more productive machines.
Raw materials used in production and production techniques, are decided with the awareness of recycling abrasive and contaminated plastics.

Focus on ;

  •    Labor time calculation
  •    Time study work
  •    Workshop editing work, workshops placement.
  •    Motion economy principles apps
  •    Atolye the operation of machines and imlaat flow
  •    Workflow diagrams, parts drawings
  •    Worker-Fee Accounts programming (C ++)
  •    Pareto analysis (80/20)


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